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What Fuel Should I Use In My Car (And What Is E10 Fuel, Anyway?)

Not much escapes the inevitable march of marketing. Supermarket shelves are chock-full of products that can only be differentiated by the eye-catching packaging they come in. Don’t be fooled; everyone is selling the same thing they’ve always sold. It’s just the names that have changed. Fuel hasn’t escaped this phenomenon. Pop open your petrol flap […]

Squeezing the last drop: how to get fuel efficient

When it comes to life’s expenses, cars usually feature at the pointy end. To buy one involves parting with a hefty chunk of change, and then there’s the cost of maintenance to go with it. A lot of these expenses we can’t do much about – sometimes components simply need replacing – but there is […]

Stage 4 Restrictions & Car Servicing

BM Tech Will Remain Open For Essential & Critical Repairs and Breakdowns Only The Victorian Government has made it official that routine car servicing will not be allowed! However, if your car breaks down or develops a safety concern, then these repairs ARE allowed. ESSENTIAL REPAIRS ONLY Cars are essential in keeping the public moving […]

Maintaining your car during a lockdown

The lockdown has us all a bit stir-crazy at the moment, so if you’re in need of a silver lining, consider this: NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) pollution, most of which comes from road transport and power plants, is significantly down globally, by as much as 60% in some countries. In China alone, the reduction is equivalent […]

Battery going flat? We’ll come to you for FREE!

Staying at home and only using your car for short drives to the shops is not a healthy environment for your car, especially the battery.  We are noticing a sharp increase in battery related issues and I want to let you know that we are here to help by introducing a new FREE service. So […]

The Wonders of ABS Brakes

It’s one of those advances in technology that affects our everyday life that we hardly ever think about. Before the introduction of ABS (anti-lock braking system), braking wasn’t anywhere near as simple and effective as it is today. Prior to the ‘70s, if you had to stop suddenly, it wasn’t simply a matter of slamming […]