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How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Forever! If only. There’s nothing more frustrating than turning the key in the ignition and getting nothing in response – and always when we’re running late. Given our reliance on their good health, it’s reasonable to ask how long car batteries last. Here’s the answer. A new battery can be expected to keep the engine […]

How long do brake pads last?

At risk of stating the bleeding obvious, brake pads are important. So, the fact that you’re wondering how long brake pads last is a good thing. You should be thinking about your brakes and what condition they’re in because they’ll determine what condition you’re in when the ride is over. The answer to your question […]

How often should you service your car?

How often should you have your car serviced? Well, since you asked… every month. No – every week. Only on the days you drive it. All right – that’s a bit much. In all honesty (yes, mechanics can be honest), it depends… to a degree. Before you click away in frustration, let’s take a look […]

When Is a Timing Chain Out of Step?

If your engine were an orchestra, the timing chain would be the conductor. Opening and closing valves, moving pistons, connecting rods – all of this must happen at a given time and in a given sequence. Without the timing chain, you simply aren’t going anywhere. Serving the same function as a timing belt (which most […]

Common Car Problems

Cars are stoic, loyal and uncomplaining. Every day people walk out their front door, climb into their car, start the engine and drive off to their destination without a second thought. There are, however, those rare times when we turn the key and…nothing happens. Maybe there’s a ticking noise. Maybe it does start but there’s […]

Top 6 Tips for Off-Road Trips

There aren’t many silver linings to the pandemic, but one may be that we get to know our own country a little better. Europe can have Cinque Terra, the Dalmatian Coast and the Acropolis. America can keep its Yosemite, Aspen and swampy bayous. As wonderful and awe-inspiring as they are, they’re easily matched by our […]

What Fuel Should I Use In My Car (And What Is E10 Fuel, Anyway?)

Not much escapes the inevitable march of marketing. Supermarket shelves are chock-full of products that can only be differentiated by the eye-catching packaging they come in. Don’t be fooled; everyone is selling the same thing they’ve always sold. It’s just the names that have changed. Fuel hasn’t escaped this phenomenon. Pop open your petrol flap […]