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Is Your Car Ready for Winter (and the end of lockdown)?

At long last (and yet, strangely, sooner than expected) it looks like the end of the dark, awful COVID-19 tunnel is in sight. Recently, we wrote a blog about maintaining our vehicles while they sit out the lockdown. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to getting our cars ready for more use than they’ve […]

Maintaining your car during a lockdown

The lockdown has us all a bit stir-crazy at the moment, so if you’re in need of a silver lining, consider this: NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) pollution, most of which comes from road transport and power plants, is significantly down globally, by as much as 60% in some countries. In China alone, the reduction is equivalent […]

Battery going flat? We’ll come to you for FREE!

Staying at home and only using your car for short drives to the shops is not a healthy environment for your car, especially the battery.  We are noticing a sharp increase in battery related issues and I want to let you know that we are here to help by introducing a new FREE service. So […]

The Wonders of ABS Brakes

It’s one of those advances in technology that affects our everyday life that we hardly ever think about. Before the introduction of ABS (anti-lock braking system), braking wasn’t anywhere near as simple and effective as it is today. Prior to the ‘70s, if you had to stop suddenly, it wasn’t simply a matter of slamming […]

Preparing your car for a road trip

In a country that sprawls for miles upon miles, from desert to rainforest, sunburnt plains to foggy mountain peaks, the road trip has become an adventure classic. We all feel its pull every now and again, but there are several things we need to think about before we burn off into the outback. It’s important […]

BM Tech Has Opened a Continental Tyre Dealership

We are proud to announce the opening of our new business venture, Eastern Tyre Centre, right next door to BM Tech Canterbury. Eastern Tyre centre is a BestDrive Continental Tyre Dealership, providing tyres to all makes and models. We chose Continental because they are the main tyre supplier for new BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW vehicles. As a premium […]